Reflections on a Scientific Career: - Behind the Professor's CV

Af: Markus Hällgren



This book offers insight and reflections upon the academic career for the recent Ph.D. The book gathers professors from different disciplines, countries and contexts, brought together through a passin for research. The book's contributors provide their unique reflections on their career and personal experiences thereof, giving insights into how the system really works. After reading the book, the reader is able to reflect on his or her own career choices. Reflections on a Scientific Career is edited by Markus Hällgren, Professor at Umeå School of Business and Economics and contains contributions from: Stewart Clegg, Bente Elkjaer, Jonny Holmström, James G. March, Alf Rehn, Daniel Robey, Lars Strannegård, Anders Söderholm and Samantha Warren

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