Romantik 4

Af: n a, Robert W. Rix (redaktør), Lis Møller (redaktør), Karina Lykke Grand (redaktør), Anna Lena Sandberg (redaktør), Cian Duffy (redaktør)



"Romantik: Journal for the Study of Romanticisms" includes new research articles on Byron's The Giaour, on spatial memory in Wordsworth and Rousseau, on how the city of Brighton was represented in the early nineteenth century as a centre of fashion, polite sociability, and consumerism, on the construction of a romantic canon in the Faroe Islands, and on Rome as the incubator for romantic artists forming friendships and cultivating artistic communities. Moreover,the issue features reviews of new books published in Scandinavia on the romantic era. "Romantik" is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the study of romantic-era cultural productions and concepts. "Romantik" is interested in all European and Nordic romanticisms, and not least the connections and disconnections between them - hence, the use of the plural in the subtitle.

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  • 140

  • Aarhus Universitetsforlag

  • 9788771840926

  • 01-02-2016

  • Kunst og kultur: generelle emner