Wilhelm Furtwängler's score of Robert Schumann's 4th symphony

Af: Wilhelm Furtwängler, Robert Schumann, Antoine de Bavier, Henning Smidth (redaktør)



In May 1953 Wilhelm Furtwängler made his highly acclaimed recording of Robert Schumann’s 4th symphony with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for DGG. The work was – of course – familiar to both orchestra and conductor; but what did the score, used by Furtwängler, look like? His good friend, the Swiss clarinettist Antoine de Bavier, who was studying conducting with Furtwängler, made an exact copy of Furtwängler’s score. This copy is now in the hands of the German violinist and conductor Michael Kuen, whom I have met several times during the annual music festival Møn Sommerkoncert in Denmark. Mr. Kuen is a great admirer of Wilhelm Furtwängler, and soon we found out that publishing this score would be of great interest to all admirers of Wilhelm Furtwängler’s art. Now, Laanshøj Publishers proudly present the score. Henning Smidth

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